A passion for nature, arts, music and wine is what our family winery is all about

A mountain valley of striking natural beauty opens to you

Rolling vineyards create a picturesque patchwork framed by 360 degree views, a mirrored lake and majestic mountaintops. You will find us on the foot of Boucherie Mountain in West Kelowna B.C. a remnant of a former strato-volcano created nearly 60 million years ago. The volcano once stood at over 2000 meters. Today it stands only at 417 meters in height due to high winds and the years of glacial drift. In the vineyards, we find remnants of rhyolite and andesite rocks. The lands are rich in mineral and organic matters.

In the beginning...


Beaumont Estate Vineyards was established in 1995… As stewards of the environment, an issue of rising importance, the family proprietors - Alex, Louise, Scott, and Alana - systemically built up the total acreage (36 acres) of vineyards. They investigated the best kinds of grapes to grow and embarked upon the more labour-intensive organic farming methodology. They have been 100% certified organic since 1995 with the Similkameen Okanagan Organic Producers Association (#456). The grape varieties grown are well-suited for the West Kelowna area and the vineyards are all within two city blocks of each other.

THE HOMEPLACE vineyard established in 1995 is planted in 12 acres of Gewurtztraminer, Pinot Blanc, Gamay Noir and Pinot Noir. These grapes enjoy a spectacular due south view of the lake and Okanagan Valley. The MORI vineyard planted in 1998 has 11.5 acres of Pinot Gris and Gamay Noir and is the helm for the winery. It’s a given that the south sloping land is lush, fertile and fruitful. The DOUILLARD vineyard planted in year 2000, is where you will find the picture perfect Pinot Noir, 12 acre block. Its south sloping land with extremely rich soils makes this a desirable land for award winning wines and on chosen years THE speciality ice-wine block.

The principles are simple. Terroir, minimal intervention and vine management. In the organic practices, low bud numbers and small bunches per vine produce premium fruit quality. The adoption of old world and new world philosophies is at the heart of what makes the vineyards produce its quality wines.

Thus, the start of Beaumont Family Estate Winery (2006)


With ingenuity and innovation the young upstarts Scott and Alana have their own philosophy to guide the wine gently along its natural path, encouraging its own personality. They want to temper the generous flavors of the grapes into the wines with subtlety, finesse and balance. A love for the land and a passion for wine, Alex and Louise have laboured together for the future. This future is strongly instilled with family, friends, and some great folks that wonder into the winery.

Alana has a passion for the winemaking after furthering her education, working abroad in wineries gaining experience and having 9 vintages under her belt. Alana has traveled extensively on the Canadian off season to work 2 vintages in Australia and one in New Zealand. Alana has explored wine regions in Europe and also experienced the World Wine Expo in Bordeaux France.

Scott’s interests lay in the love for the land, sales and the business of viticulture. His new way of doing things, blends the old with the new.

The wine labels each include a musical staff, along with musical reference on the back labels. “Everyone knows that music inspires wine.” This is why you will see the vines dancing as the tunes are cranked up. This is why you will see the people singing and dancing in the winery as happy sounds are heard throughout.

The winery has opened its doors to the many friendly faces from across Canada and around the world. Impromptu music and a warm greeting will await you at the winery. Bring your family and friends.